Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The real reason why Thomas Waldrom was dropped

Photos fresh from RFU headquarters have leaked out that show the real reason why Thomas Waldrom was dropped by Stuart Lancaster

No wonder he has slippy fingers
An excess of KFC grease on his fingers caused the crucial fumble that ruined England's chances of defeating the Wallabies at Twickenham.  England Nutritionist Phil Face had this to say "Obviously in a perfect world we would limit the players to a bargain bucket pre-game, but we have to be realists.  If Tom doesn't have his Variety Bucket, plus Gravy and BBQ Beans, he turns grey and starts wretching everywhere.  We've tried Maryland Fried Chicken, which has less grease, but he can taste the difference and wouldn't touch the stuff with yours".

Stuart Lancaster is said to be furious and blames the Variety Bucket's extra chicken thigh pieces excess grease, a source close to Lancaster said "If he'd stuck to the breast pieces he'd have been fine, but Tom just loves his chicken thighs because you get better skin on them, and frankly that's the whole point of KFC innit?"

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