Sunday, 25 November 2012

Davy 14 Tigers 12

Buckinghamshire police are investigating a robbery in the High Wycombe area.  Any witnesses to the theft should contact them immediately.  A 48 year old man, named locally as Sean Davey, is alleged to have knowingly and deliberately robbed 15 men of a game of rugby. 

Davy is a disgrace to his profession and should never be allowed to blow the whistle against Tigers ever again.  His bias is as disgusting as it is predictable.  His refusal to give all but the most blatenet offences against the Wasps gave them all their points and the field position that enabled them to deny the Tigers a sniff.

Were it not for Vunipola’s incessant cheating Tigers would have struggled to score a point.  The scrum was dominant throughout but got no reward from the referee who several times saw a Tigers pack marching forwards rewarded with a put in to the opposition.

Wasps “scored” the only try through Tom Varndell after a massive forward pass from a scrum from an imaginary knock on.

The end of the game was typical Davy too, a ruck called a maul because it was the only decision to spite the Tigers.

I feel most sorry for the fans that have paid to go to this game.  Tigers had no chance with this buffon holding the whistle and were denied even a chance of a decent game. 

Questions also have to be asked over Cockerill’s selections, Matt Tait had another nightmare positionally at full back but club captain Geordan Murphy was on the bench throughout.  If he is fit why isn’t the captain playing?  And if he isn’t fit why is he on the bench?  Ed Slater was another left to pick up splinters, whilst the second row was going well he impressed against the Maori in the back row where we were struggling. 

But with this ref in charge the chances of the subs changing anything were slim to none anyway.

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