Sunday, 23 September 2012

Quins Quash Terrible Tigers

Cockney champions Quins romped to a 22-9 win as they stormed the Welford Road citadel, claiming their second win on the bounce on the historic Leicester ground.  Referee "Dangerous" Dave Pearson lived up to his name as his bizarre and infuriating interpretation of rules spoiled any spectacle that might have occurred.  The new TMO powers are meant to encourage refs to let it play, but Pearson called back a pass from Flood as forward when Goneva was clear to line, rather than let it play and use the TV match official.  This swung the game in favour of Nick Easter and his Cockney chums.

Julian Salvi also looked over the line in the 75th minute but again Pearson refused to use the tmo even though from one angle Salvi clearly grounded the ball.

But there is no point complaining about Pearson; it wasn't his fault that our attack would have struggled to wrestle its way out of a moist paper bag.  This was the first time that Tigers have failed to score tries in successive games since October 2010.

Quins played the referee very well, keenly observing that he had no intention of whistling for sealing off nor for offside.  You can hardly blame Quins for constantly cheating when the referee refused to penalise them.

Chris Robshaw was imperious as he inherited Andy Robinson's cloak of invisibility never once being blown for any number of his blatant offsides.  Whilst conning Premiership refs on the brink of retirement is one thing the international refs won't let him get away with such blue murder and I'd expect the England captain to be whistled off the field come November.  

Blood Cheat Tom Williams scored the only try after a debatable series of of offloads and picking up from the middle of the ruck.

Cockerill will have to answer some serious questions as to why he left George Ford on the bench for the second week running when the attack was badly miss-firing.  Matt O'Conner should also come under scrutiny, he is meant to be the attack coach but the attack is going too wide too  early and becoming easy meat for any half way competent defence.  Excuses are no longer good enough as Tigers once again failed to attack with any panache.  Coaches have been sacked for less.

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  1. Love it - the Leicester Mercury should report in this style!